Wrong itunes account when updating apps know you are dating a control freak

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Wrong itunes account when updating apps

However, many people were surprised when the App Store app started offering i Tunes 12.5.3 shortly after that, with exactly the same release notes.

I've recently changed apple ID and I've downloaded x Code on mac with another apple ID.

If it happens with no such possibilities, it could be a case of failed downloads.

It could also have something to do with your account settings.

Current article attempts to provide a fix to this problem.

This issue happens after an update, or in cases where you have restored your device.

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I can't even download a new x Code using the new apple id, because it only gives me the option to update it with the old Apple ID. My fix was to add the entire HD to the "Privacy" tab in the Spotlight System prefs pane, close the prefs and wait 30 seconds, re-open and remove your HD from the Privacy tab. every single mac I work on, every i OS/Mac app I purchase is on my personal i Tunes Account (of course, work related stuff gets expensed) Quit and restart App Store, then find XCode.

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