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Regarding your real player problem, here's what I did after trying everything.I uninstalled real player including the library (it doesn't matter whether you just upgraded to the new version). Also uninstall real downloader if you have it installed separately (as I have).The precise and accurate solutions are given in the video tutorial that shall resolve your problem amicably. v=x AQec DTgz CI Best of luck Hi Neil, hopefully you have recovered from the program that You Tube video recommends; I haven't heard of it before, and anything that cleans out the registry poses the risk of breaking software that depends on those settings.I understand Real Player or Real Downloader didn't work with Firefox 22 when it was released; other users have reported that, and I assume in your testing you have disabled it. Can you update the current Flash problem: (1) Make sure all recorders/downloaders that interact with Flash media are as up-to-date as possible, or disable them.Make sure you make a copy of the folder "real player download" to another folder so you can copy it back later. Check firefox addons and extension and make sure that you do not have anything there about real player or real player downloader. Download the latest version of real player and just install it.

The main functions of the software are to read, store, and share video files on a user's computer.

Please contact Real Player tech support to complain.

Their Case Manager told me that the three week compatibility delay with Real Player 14 last year would never happen again. The Real Player Browser Download Record Plugin 15.0.1 in Firefox 10 stopped appearing on all videos. upgrade, the download button works on Internet Explorer.

It is able to manage most popular formats, such as DVDs, CDs, or files stored directly on the hard drive.

What makes Real Times special is that it comes with a download option.

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Real Player is vulnerable to outside threats since it connects to the Internet, and it has had significant security holes in the past.

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