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350mhz processor, 128mb ram, Sound Card and headset.

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Because of their usefulness and ubiquity, EXE files are commonly used as a method of delivery for virus / malware infection.

Often, viruses will be disguised as a benign EXE file (such as Wow-64.exe) and distributed through SPAM email or malicious websites, which can then infect your computer when executed (eg. In addition, viruses can infect, replace, or corrupt existing EXE files, which can then lead to error messages when World of Warcraft or related programs are executed.

This EXE file carries a popularity rating of 1 stars and a security rating of "UNKNOWN".

EXE ("executable") files, such as Wow-64.exe, are files that contain step-by-step instructions that a computer follows to carry out a function. Every software application on your PC uses an executable file - your web browser, word processor, spreadsheet program, etc.

: : RPG, 3D, 3rd, Person, Online-only, Massively, multiplayer: Blizzard Entertainment: Blizzard Entertainment : Blizzard Entertainment: PC : : : : :√ : Windows XP SP3/ Vista SP1 / Seven√ : Pentium 4 AMD Athlon XP 1.3 √ : 512 (1 Vista, 7)√ : 3D-, 256 ( NVIDIA Ge Force 8600 ATI Radeon ): 3D-, (Hardware Transform and Lighting) 32 ( NVIDIA Ge Force FX ATI Radeon 9500 ) : Direct X-: 3D-, 256 ( NVIDIA Ge Force 8600 ATI Radeon )√ : 25: , .

If you just want to know what to buy without all the in-depth analysis, you can skip to the conclusion.

A Note About Frame Rate (FPS) Higher Resolution for Better Gaming Hardware Requirements Game Settings Choosing the Best Settings for World of Warcraft Logical Increments Tiers and How They Fare Conclusion About Us Sources At logicalincrements.com, we recommend hardware for PC builds.

When you "double-click" an EXE file, your computer automatically executes these instructions designed by a software developer (eg. - making it one of the most useful kinds of files in the Windows operating system.

Without executable files like Wow-64.exe, you wouldn't be able to use any programs on your PC.

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The problem with that is that my computer was originally a WIndows 8.1 computer, and when I tried to self upgrade it was a black screen.“Then we also have this raid that we've developed that is going to come out in the near future but timed more appropriately for the raiding community.