Updating meade autostar 497 controller

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Updating meade autostar 497 controller

The hand controller maintains the large 30,000 object database of near and deep sky objects, comets, asteroids, constellations, and satellites.It also tracks events such as sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets, the phases of the Moon, and meteor showers; plus equinoxes and solstices. It can be powered or charged from a standard 5V USB port on your computer.The package includes a micro USB power adapter (North American orders only) that accepts worldwide AC current (100-240V, 50-60 Hz).

Information given includes surface temperature, size, distance from Earth, and mythology.This is supplied by Software Bisque and is available from the Downloads section of the Software Bisque site, the file is called Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Installs a driver that connects to Software Bisque's The Sky X/6/5 Astronomy Software and makes it look like a standard ASCOM telescope.This allows ASCOM-based astronomy software to use The Sky (including TPOINT and Pro Track) as a smart telescope controller.For more information see Working with The Sky (section 1).It is mounts, and may be used with The Sky controlling any other of its supported telescope types, or via its built-in outbound ASCOM support, and then using ASCOM telescope drivers.

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( These calculations were done using the calculator function on my computer ) Examples: Worm gear multiply by New Alt/Az Ratio 60 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 1.36889 96 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 2.19022 120 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 2.73778 144 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 3.28533 180 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 4.10667 200 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 4.56296 All LXD model telescopes use 144 tooth worm gears and an Alt / Az ratio of 2.53715 To calculate new ratios for the LXD motors take the known ratio of 2.53715 divide by 144 equals 0.017619097222222222222222222222222 Now multiply the 0.017619097222222222222222222222222 times the number of teeth on the new worm gear to be used.