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Template for validating an assessment tool

Those safeguarding measures include security and privacy controls to protect the critical and essential operations and assets of organizations and the personal privacy of individuals.

The ultimate objective is to make the information systems we depend on more penetration resistant to attacks; limit the damage from attacks when they occur; and make the systems resilient and survivable.

The New Hampshire Department of Education coordinated the project with the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment and The Center for Collaborative Education.

The Department convened a committee of educators, department heads, and administrators from around the state under the leadership and facilitation of an experienced educator and administrator from Concord Area Center for Educational Support to write the rubric.The competency validation rubric was field tested for validity and reliability against local competency statements with the participation of over two hundred teachers statewide.Assessment is defined as the process used in order to determine, measure, and evaluate the nature, ability, and other characteristics of a specific matter.Revision 5 of this foundational NIST publication represents a one-year effort to develop the next generation security and privacy controls that will be needed to accomplish the above objectives.Beginning in 2013, The New Hampshire Department of Education invited educators to participate in the process of creating statewide college and career ready competencies.

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