Shaman king dating quiz

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Shaman king dating quiz

The next morning Manta tries to explain everything that happened last night at school, but the three students don't believe him and just making fun of it and teasing him. Meanwhile at night, Manta decides to wait for Yoh showing up at the Funbari Hill with a camera, to take pictures as evidences.Later on Yoh shows up as a new transfer student in Manta's classroom. At Fhe funbari Hill, Manta runs into Ryu and his gang.If these links come up dead for you, please let me know via my e-mail or on the ACGTS forums and I'll try to fix them.As many of you know, A&C GTS World is not only a mostly hentai-free website, but it does its best to try and keep some of the stickier situations out of the site as well, such as nudity or panty interaction.Alas, some of the best sightings in the animated GTS world have short bits of the aforementioned material, and if the tough standards of this website were to continue, it would keep a lot of entries out of this section. Four different color-coded levels will tell you how 'safe' that particular sighting is.

Later on, Manta tells Yoh that he had seen a guy with the same aura similar of Yoh's. to make Amidamaru's sudden appearance leaves Manta a little scared.Before he walks away like nothing happened, he tells Manta that he is going to be the Shaman King. The next morning, Manta tells Yoh about what happened.Yoh does not seem to care about the fact that there is another shaman in town, but Manta gets his attention when he says that Ren wants to become shaman king.It is also recommended that you show a video with just the GTS sighting, but if that is not available, alternatives such as full episodes or screencaps will suffice after review.IMPORTANT: Many of the files and videos in this section of the website (especially streaming videos like those on You Tube) are linked offsite.

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Ryu finds Manta jest before he leaves, and suspects him to be the one who trespasses into their territory. The next morning Manta tries to explain what happened at school.