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Private chat with female grannies

Granny is usually the owner of Tweety Bird and also serves as his protector.

Sylvester The Cat often finds a way to break into Granny's house for the sole purpose of finding a meal.

OPP is the police force -- Ontario Provincial Police. I wait for them to get nipped by frost, but I don't know where you live. Schools were still closed toward the end of the war the children return to London and schools were opened again. But I did have wonderful parents who shielded me as much as possible, I was happy as long as I was with my Mum and Dad we all survived the war. Have a great day, Dot Hello all, I will read the messages later.

They patrol highways and also have boats for the waterways around the province. Maureen - That OPP situation in your area doesn't sound very encouraging. Mel thank you for your comments thought I would add a little bit of my history. On Thursday, my son called at AM and said I thought you were coming to the shop today and I said I thought you would be gone.

Also an officer who goes into the schools to talk to the kids about safety and stuff. From what some say the savings are not quite what is all that great in the long term. Well time to get off the soap box and wish everyone a calm Good Night and God Bless. Relaxing Sunday Maureen God's gift to you: a clean slate every day: your gift to God: what you put on that slate.... Marlene - You said on a number of occasions you didn't read the posts, so I shall continue not to comment on yours. My ears had been plugged for a couple of days and I had a dull headache. I have the kids party across the street this afternoon.

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You may have noticed that it is not possible to chat with boys when you are not registered.

Busy day here , Laundry and a BBQ for our Car Club. One fellow is a chef and the meat is turkey, beef and pork roasts. all those attending bring either salads or dessert to go with the meat. Sharon - Isn't it still too early to cut back peonies? Lots of practice..that help my reading, writing and arithmetic I don't think so. We returned to London after many months when the house had been rebuilt.

One couple have a big yard and it is a wonderful place to gather everyone. Sue - I checked the library for the book you mentioned but they don't have it. Rosie - I've gone to chiropractors and I was surprised to learn they started on babies. Camey - For someone with so many health issues, you certainly manage to get a lot done. Being bombed out one morning resulted in my Mother and I going to live in the country on a farm. I very quickly settled in, became very good at field hockey and made captain of the team.

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