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Pheromones dating

In humans, olfaction occurs when odorant molecules bind to specific sites in the olfactory receptors inside the nose.

In 1995, a Swiss zoologist named Claus Wedekind ran a test study called "The Sweaty T-shirt Experiment." He wanted to test a woman's sense of smell to male odors.For three days and nights I wore the same cotton T-shirt, through sweaty workouts and while I slept. I passed off the damp, stained tee to the New York University researchers who run Smell Dating, who saw it not as an object of disgust, but as boyfriend bait.They cut my T-shirt into swatches, stuffed them inside little zip-top bags and mailed them to 10 people who’d also signed up for this bizarre social experiment.“It’s okay,” said the friend who invited me — who happened to be covering the party for the website where he works (inadvertently causing us both to end up on ). You should be fine.” Related: In Defense of Being a “Cat Lady” And I would have been.Except that I came home so late that night that I completely forgot to sleep in it at all.

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Two people who share a similar genetic makeup and produce children can cause a host of genetic complications.

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